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Jefferson Griffin has both prosecuted and defended misdemeanors and felonies in North Carolina courts . Jefferson has prosecuted cases from traffic infractions, driving while impaired cases, domestic violence, white collar crime, armed robberies, kidnappings, and homicides in Wake County.

Committed – Jefferson is committed to being the Wake County District Attorney and leading the office into the future. He will work to keep the stability, integrity and professionalism that has been established by Colon Willoughby.

Experienced – Jefferson has the experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney to understand the criminal justice system with a well-rounded perspective. This perspective allows Jefferson to know how to best use the resources that are provided.

A Protector of the Rights of All Citizens – Jefferson is and will be a strong champion for individual rights of the citizens in Wake County. He believes the less the government has to be involved with people the better we all are.

A Prosecutor That Understands the Diversity of Wake County – Having worked and lived in both urban and rural areas gives Jefferson the perspective to understand all the people and localized issues of our diverse county.

Victim Advocate - Jefferson Griffin is a tough prosecutor who will stand up for victims’ rights.

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Being Proactive - Jefferson will work with law enforcement, community resources, and the public to help prevent crime.

Safety of Citizens - Jefferson will fight to make sure that every citizen feels secure in their homes, schools and workplaces.

2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms - Jefferson believes in citizens’ rights to lawfully possess firearms and their right to lawfully defend themselves.

Highway Safety: Making our roads safer by getting impaired drivers off of the roads.